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Mara Cohen is the owner and creative artist behind LHP Permanent Cosmetics. Aesthetic and medical tattooing at its finest. Mrs. Cohen operates a successful business since 2002 with countless procedures to her credit. She relocated to Cary, North Carolina with her family in 2006. In addition to establishing her new practice in Cary, Mrs. Cohen still travels to Florida where she continues her work with Dr. Melanie Hecker from Hecker Dermatology. Other locations include New Bern with Dr. Bettina Meekins. Mrs. Cohen is best known for her gentle hand and soft application of color. Your makeup will always look natural and fresh, as makeup should. "A BEAUTIFUL FACE IS A GREATER ADVANTAGE THAN ANY LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION" Aristotle

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Eyebrows & Gratitude

Eyebrows BEFORE makeup

Eyebrows AFTER makeup

 I'd like to share with everyone this picture of a recent job I did.  The client is a beautiful auburn hair, fair skinned lady who desperately needed eyebrows..  Notice the before photo how her brows were sparse and uneven.  The after photo shows a soft chestnut color to compliment her hair and eyes........  I love what I do so much and it shows in the gratitude I recieve from my clients.  Many of them travel from far away to come see me.  I recently did a eyeliner and brows on a woman from New Bern.  She absolutely loved my work and showed the result to her eye surgeon in New Bern.  To make a long story short, Mr. Meekins of Coastal Eye Clinic contacted me and invited me to work at her clinic once a month.  Tomorrow is my first day and I am super excited at the opportunity.  Sure, it's a long drive and I'll be gone all day but that's ok.  I travel to Florida for makeup every third month and that's further away.  I am grateful to my clients for their trust,  I am grateful to the doctors who invite me to work with them, and I am grateful for my husband who supports me and "holds down the fort" while I'm gone...... He knows how much I love what I do!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Eyebrows, Eyeliner, & Lips

Thanks to everyone visiting my blog today.  Please take the time to scroll down and see the many examples of real women I have had the pleasure of working with.  My goal is to empower women through the art of permanent makeup.  It's amazing how a little color in your face can enhance your appearance.  The truth is if you look pretty on the outside, you'll feel pretty on the inside........  Thank you for your time.  ~Mara

Eyebrows BEFORE the procedure.  Brows are sparce and uneven

Brows AFTER the procedure.  Elegant and beautiful.

Lips BEFORE the procedure

Lips AFTER the procedure.  Soft mauve color and fuller lips

Eyeliner BEFORE the procedure.

Eyeliner AFTER.  There is a soft liner within the lash line to accentuate and add depth to the eyes.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Evolution of Lips!

As a cosmetic tattooist, one of the most frequently asked questions I get is regarding “lips”. Clients are always asking, “Why are my lips thinning? Why are my lips the same color as my face, with no definition?” or “My lips are no longer flushed and full.” All this is true, since aging is a fact of life and it happens to all of us. As we get older, we lose that extra collagen in our face which gives lips that youthful appearance. However, there are a few alternatives in today’s world of beauty and medical science. Clients have several choices. You can opt for lip fillers such as Juvederm or Restylane. Either of these can last anywhere from 4 to 8 month depending on the client, and the treatment is expensive. Another choice is permanent makeup. Through cosmetic tattooing you can redefine the shape of the lip and add color, thus creating the illusion of a fuller and well defined lip. Even though permanent makeup fades a little with the sun, it’s still permanent. You’ll always have a soft color in your lips and definition making permanent makeup a longer lasting choice and more cost efficient. Here is an example of the process. Share your thoughts with me as you read this blog and enjoy! ~The Evolution of Lips

A special thanks to my client Ann for allowing the use of her photograph with this blog. You are indeed a sweet and beautiful lady….

Lips BEFORE the procudure. Clients lips are thinner on the bottom and they are the same color as the rest of her skin. They lack definition

Lips IMMEDIATELY AFTER the procedure. Lips are a bit swollend and irritated, but not too bad.

Lips after the initial procedure one month out. There is a soft color and new definition of the lip line. One this day the client had her follow up

BEFORE the procedure FULL FACE

AFTER the procedure FULL FACE.......All healed and simply beautiful.....

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The "Eyes" Have It!

One of the greatest discoveries I made in my adult life was “permanent cosmetics”. I completely appreciate waking up with a little color in my face that adds life to my otherwise pale complexion. Spring and fall is uneventful for me in the way of makeup. However, in the summer when I’m swimming, or in the winter when I’m building a snowman with my daughter, I am the most grateful. Never again do I have to worry about those hot summer days with perspiration rolling down my face smudging my brow pencil, or playing around in the snow with my kids and having eyeliner smear down my cheek. Permanent makeup is a wonderful cosmetic enhancement in more ways than one……. Here is my featured client for this blog. A beautiful lady with multi-colored eyes and elegant day wear eyeliner!

Wake Up With Make UP ~ Mara Cohen
Eyeliner BEFORE Makeup

Eyeliner AFTER Makeup

My beautiful daughter Nadia and Frosty on Steroid!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Snow Days Anyone?

I was so excited this morning I could hardly contain myself….  The beauty and insanity of the holiday season is behind me, our New Year’s party was a huge success, and my kids are finally back in school.  Thanks goodness for snow days!!  Actually, if your child is on a traditional calendar, today would have been another day off.  Oh well, off to school they went this morning.  For me the best part about being snowed in is wearing my furry pajamas, drinking hot chocolate, and never having to worry about my makeup.  That’s right, permanent makeup is a blessing when you’re stuck in the house with nowhere to go!  I received several emails from clients this month expressing their gratitude.  Now that the holidays are over and you’ve given so much of yourself to those you love, it’s your turn.  Holiday specials are still available. “Wake Up With Makeup”~
Eyebrows before permanent makeup

Eyebrows after permanent makeup

Friday, November 12, 2010

Eyebrows ~ Just because you have beautiful eyes.......

 I have a client with the most amazing beautiful blue eyes you have ever seen. Yet, she could not see past the fact that she had little eyebrows. I can't begin to tell you how important eyebrows are. They frame your face and carry the expression in your eyes. She finally had the courage to have permanent makeup on her eyebrows. Nowadays, when someone tells her how lovely her eyes are, she simply says, "thank you" and smiles with confidence...... Just because she has beautiful eyes...........

BEFORE Permanent Makeup

AFTER Permanent Makeup

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Asymmetrical Eyebrows? Yep, it happens!

Asymmetrical Eyebrows?

Asymmetrical eyebrows? Yep, it happens to the best of us….. Did you know that your entire body is asymmetrical? One hip is higher than the other, on arm is longer than the other. Yes, the human body is ART, not an exact science. This is especially true about our face. As time passes and we age, lack of symmetry becomes more noticeable, especially in our eyebrows. Eyebrow hairs becomes sparse and uneven. Permanent makeup is a great solution to add symmetry and a youthful appearance.

Improved symmetry after the procedure!!

Eyebrows before cosmetic tattooing.  This
client is way to pretty to walk around looking like this......Permanent makeup was her salvation!!...